About Us

Join us, and let’s
get to work

A New and United Guyana is a new political party in Guyana which proposes to be the balance between the two established parties. We intend to introduce Inclusive governance, and establish constitutional reform, should we win sufficient seats during the election process.
Why should we trust another third party, given the history of third parties in recent times?
ANUG or its members will never enter a coalition type agreement with another political party. The people can rely on this commitment.
Why do we need ANUG?
For far too long, Guyana has been split into two parts, the PPP and the APNU/AFC. The party which held the majority of seats in Parliament had the power to unilaterally make all decisions, award all contracts to party supporters and offer employment to party favourites without regard for the Guyanese people. ANUG believes that enough harm has been done to Guyana. It is time for a new beginning.
Who will benefit from ANUG being in Parliament?
Providing ANUG gets enough votes to hold the balance in Parliament, all Guyanese will benefit. The private sector will be better supported through more programs to encourage small businesses and investments. The youths will benefit from educational and job opportunities by ensuring the needs of youth are being met on all fronts.
What can you do?
We invite you to participate in any way you can, to share your ideas, and to help us to move our party towards the goal of a better Guyana.Join us as official members, to get information readily.

The Important Issues Facing Our Nation:

  • Crime
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Foreign Policy
  • The Economy
  • Education
  • Senior Citizens