Goal: Racial tolerance – A population that is proud of their diversity and harnesses their different strengths, talents, skills, cultures to bring about a more fascinating society in which to live and enjoy, and a wider variety of art, marketable products, events and activities to boost our economy.


Implement programmes within the school curriculum aimed at inculcating values which embrace appreciation for all forms of diversity, and fostering genuine cohesion.

Employ interactive techniques which emphasise common themes in the history of our ethnic groups along with elements of psychology which dissect the problem and bring about new levels of awareness, to be taught at all levels of the school curriculum.

Educate students on the constitution and particularly on how governments are supposed to serve their interests and on the fundamental rights provisions. By gaining a thorough understanding of how governments are supposed to function, there should be less blind loyalty to political parties and sufficient awareness to inspire a healthy level of civil society activity to shape political will.


Encourage multi-ethnic team building in popular sporting activities by encouraging all students with an interest and with talent to pursue the activity of their choice and talent, rather than allow a natural course of events which manifest as specific sports being traditionally dominated by one ethnicity or the other.

Encourage sport at the community level so that there is greater synergy among various ethnicities at the community level, rather than only in schools. This will reestablish the spirit of community, and at the same time promote a healthy lifestyle, talent development and boost healthy team dynamics among youths.

Constitution Reform

Propose and vote on a system of shared governance in parliament which will see the two major parties sharing executive power. In this way there isn’t the insecurity that comes whenever the party of one’s choice is not in power, that half of the population will be marginalized and ignored. This will be further discussed in the respective section on the subject.